Friday, December 4, 2009

Snapshot: I dare you not to smile!

Patrons at our local grocery store are so lucky that we get to encounter this ball of fire, who rings his bell and sings the festive holiday tunes -- for hours at a time! The oldest girl and I time our visits to the grocery store so that we can be sure to get a chance to sing along with him. Fabulous -- I'm telling you!

Check out this piece that appeared on our local news:

Shop happy, people! And hit those Salvation Army buckets hard!


  1. Glad to see you. I would drop bigger cash (I alwasy drop a little something anyway!) in the bucket for that!

    Did yo ufinish your NaNoWriMo? It ended 11/30 right?

  2. I'd stop and drop (some cash) for that, too. I wonder why he's so happy? How do I get some of that?

  3. LOVE IT too! Great little piece. Thanks for sharing it. Watched it just now with my daughter. We were cracking up. Holly

  4. That's awesome. I loved his line about "people need joy." Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the Salvation Army.
    How did you embed a video in your blogspot blog? I can't figure it out! Could you email me?

  6. I enjoyed that immensely! Come on over to pick up some bling I left for you!