Monday, April 23, 2012

How 'bout them Bulldawgs?!

So the girl in charge has had what you might call a roller coaster ride of a softball season this spring.  She's playing right field for the Bulldawgs again this season -- it's her senior year, so she really intended to make every game count.  At let me tell you she got off to a great start!  During the first game of the season she hit a home run!  OK, so it wasn't really an official home run: she hit a totally sweet bunt that flustered the other team so much that all they could do was make error after error as my girl ran the bases.  The scorebook called it a "single with multiple errors," but at our house, we're calling that bad boy a home run!

But that was the last home run the girl in charge would hit for quite a while, because later in the same game she took a bad fall . . .

. . . and you can see why she was no longer all that up for running the bases.

Instead of softball cleats and a glove . . .

. . . the girl in charge cheered on the Bulldawgs carrying these accessories.  Yes, she usually had a book, too -- but I'm talking about the crutches and the boot.

But last week she got the all-clear from the quasi-sexy orthopedic surgeon.  She avoided an actual operation and was relatively good about obeying his instructions.  If she cheated a little bit there toward the end of her stint of "no weight-bearing whatsoever," well -- we will just keep that to ourselves, won't we?

 And now -- she's back on the field, wearing the good old blue and gold polyester Bulldawgs uniform!  It's nice to see her running those bases again.

Bring it, Bulldawgs!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Snapshot: sleepover!

One of the sunny girl's besties spent the night last night.  They went to bed about fifteen minutes ago.