Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Facebook Funny Boy

Here's what the tall boy wrote on my Facebook wall this morning:

Who buys a dinosaur skeleton? www.bbc.co.uk
The BBC's Olivia Lang reports on the trend of collecting dinosaur fossils, as Sothebys auction house puts a partially complete Allosaurus skeleton up for sale in Paris.

The tall boy > Liz in Virginia Please? Pleeeeaase? Pretty pleeeaaaseee? I'll do the dishes, I'll walk the dog, I could wash the dog, clean up my room, take out the trash, clean up and vacuum and dust, justpleasebuymetheniceAllosaurus?

You like my Tom Chapin reference? I knew you would -- it's what's going to melt your heart and make you realize you want to buy the dinosaur skeleton for the Tall Boy. Doooonnn'tttt you?


Even from far away, the tall boy just cracks me up.


  1. Here's a follow-up comment from the tall boy -- also posted on Facebook (I made the mistake of indicating to him that I "liked" his post):

    Can I interpret 'like' to mean "Here Tall Boy, take the cold hard plastic out of my wallet and get yourself a business class ticket Sothebys so you can buy yourself that nice looking Allosaurus"?

    More important than my interpretation, will you give me the cold hard plastic out of your wallet so I can get a business class ticket to Sothebys and put in a winning bid on that Allosaurus that would look mighty fine at our Christmas Party?

    Think of the implications! WE COULD DECORATE THE DINOSAUR!!!!!See More
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  2. Hey, you guys don't have a dog anymore ... but we do. He could 1) jump on a metro, 2) take a commuter bus 3) walk from the commuter lot --- he could probably walk with that nice McDonald's lady 4) show up at my house at 7am to walk Radar.
    It's a plan!
    And... I think an Allosaurus centerpiece at your XMAS party would be awesome! However, shades of Bringing up Baby, we will leave Radar at home.

  3. We would love to have Allosaurus visit the gifted program at Antietam! Especially if we got to see the tall boy. Please buy it for him!

  4. If you really loved him, you would. You could put it in your yard as a playset for the cul de sac kids - think of the possibilities!


  5. You could dress up the Allosaurus in holiday theme clothes, have it dress up for your favorite sports team, and it looks like it might be an awesome drying rack.

  6. It does seem pretty clear that this Allosauraus is a Redskins fan . . .

    Maybe I will go ahead and buy it. And all the fabulous neighbors can pitch in funds -- just like we did for the snow blower and the moon bounce.

  7. Brother dearest and i already decided what we wanted to name it Mama! How does Fred sound?