Wednesday, August 3, 2011

. . . and the best part is the deck didn't collapse.

So we got a new deck this summer, which is a big relief because the old deck was a total death trap. To celebrate we had a deck warming party back in July, and I am so not kidding about the warm part because our air conditioning decided to crap out on us the morning of the shindig.

The husband and his brother (non-smilers, I remind you) seemed to enjoy themselves in spite of the heat.

These two are just as fun as they look.

And I love these three so much: besties from high school and college, the big girls were both in my wedding, and I love everything about them. The little girl is sweeter than a piece of peach pie.

Funny -- the more wine and beer we served, the less folks seemed bothered by the lack of A.C. Or it could be that our friends are just that awesome. Or maybe a little bit of both.


  1. You just seem to have the funnest times! Good for you and hope the AC is fixed soon.

  2. A/C pooping out made me laugh. Only because you planned a party, of course. My sister and B-I-L put on the best gatherings. One year, major plumbing problem happened day before huge (and I mean HUGE) July 4th bash. Required them to dig up pipe all through yard. Damn gremlins. xoxox Liz! -- karen

  3. The smiles on your friends' faces
    makes your new deck the best of places.
    Adult beverages diligently heeded
    make the A/C quite un-needed!

  4. Beer and wine? Really? I see Jim Beam. Mixed with the pink stuff in that pitcher, I presume?