Monday, July 9, 2012

Snapshot: and then my head exploded

OK, so why the frick are Fifty Shades of Grey and all its awful sequels and wannabe copycat smutty smut being displayed at my grocery store?

Don't get me wrong-- it's not so much the smut I disapprove of (although this particular species of smut is repulsive to me personally).  It's the crappy, crappy writing that just makes me mad at the whole publishing world.  I mean, publishers are so sniffy and dismissive of fan-fiction authors and people who publish on-line, because those writers refuse to make use of the golden talents of an editor.  Well -- what happened here, editing wunderkinder?  If these book were edited by a "professional," then stock up on your washboards and bags of rice, because the world really has gone to hell and the end of civilization is at hand.

And what is up with Safeway deciding that these dreadful excretions are appropriately displayed exactly in this location -- just above the Disney princesses coloring books and nestled next to the Big Nate storybooks and the Crayola products??  At the eye level of a precocious five-year-old???  This galled me most of all -- I had to come home and read a chapter of Pride and Prejudice to cleanse my mental palate.



  1. My gender is going to sit this one out. Y'all will have to battle it out on your own. My money's on the smart girls, but never underestimate the power of the press to make the cheerleaders look good.

  2. I am really amazed at how many people I know (I will say acquaintances because they aren't close friends) have read and liked those books! But I have several friends who have various English degrees, and they have all said how horribly the books are written. Personally, I don't care for the topic --abusive behavior is nothing to romanticize.

  3. It is stunning how many people are really taken with this book. It is embarrassing. Safeway should be ashamed.

  4. Im not even going to pick it up, the mummy porn can be read by some other mummy.

  5. Uh, seriously, Safeway. Talk about bad taste. Is it like an intelligence test for shoppers? LIke a scary sort of "know your neighbors" trick. In any case, yuck. This is a book we can do without.