Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's just not right!

So, on the same day back in May that my dear pal Coleen bought my three tomato plants for me at the local farmers' market, she bought the same number for herself. We both have our plants in big pots for reasons that are boring, having mostly to do with squirrel avoidance . . . .

. . . . but whatever. Look at her stinkin' tomato plants! Her deck is a jungle of tomato-y tomato-ness -- you can't push your way through to the patio furniture without a machete. She seriously has more tomatoes than she knows what to do with. She called me yesterday to gloat worry: "Oh, dear, boo hoo! I have too many tomatoes -- I guess I'll have to make bruschetta." Bitch.

She had us over for dinner the other night, to celebrate our return from England. On the menu: Margaritas and tomatoes. That's it. Oh -- and guacamole, used as a dip for the tomatoes. Like this picture? iPhone, baby! I call it "Still Life with Tequila and Whatever."

Here's a Pioneer Woman shot of my pal making dessert. Mmmmm! Tomato ice cream! Where's that Coronation Spoon when you need it?

So -- let's recap, shall we?

My tomatoes . . . .

Her tomatoes, purchased on the same day, from the same vendor, at the same farmers' market. Hmmm. Did I say something once about an evil tomato plot?


  1. There is a possible explanation for the TOMATO versus t o m a t o experience. When I've been out on one of my early morning walks, Coleen has whizzed past me in her olympian-style running balancing a plant bucket on her head and chanting, "grow, grow, grow, you plant, gently on my deck; merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily; you can but Liz's can't!"

  2. Too funny. It's nice to know someone else doesn't have a lush vegetable garden right now. I keep reading friends' emails awnd FB's about too many berries or veggies and all the work trying to can, or jelly or otherwise preserve them. At least you can be grateful for all that extra time to read rather than canning all those tomatoes. Although freezing some in plastic bags and using them later in place of canned tomatoes in your homemade spaghetti sauce.....no be thankful for jars of premade and read another book.

  3. Does it help that I don't like tomatoes, and even if I loved them, I'd still like you better than your friend? Does it help maybe just a little bit?!

    Coming to haiku tomorrow? Say yes! And bring friends. ;)

  4. I LOVE you Deacon Emil! That's why YOU're my favorite! And, to my dearest friend, Liz....na na na nana! Homemade Bloody Mary's??? xxoox, Coleen

  5. Commiserations from the girl who has managed to kill every plant that I have ever placed in a pot......