Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Name this plant . . . please!

I bought this beautiful plant at the Home Depot, mainly because it cost (costed? did cost? was in the act of costing?) I paid $6.00 for it. I feel like a plant that is lush and lovely and purple and costs six bucks is a plant that is meant for me.

But I don't really know what it is. It was out with the mums (a plant that annoys me because I find it all smug and "I get worn by the Homecoming Queen -- nyah, nyah, nyah!") so I assume this purple beauty is a fall-ish plant. Or maybe it's a spring plant that originally cost (costed?) thirty-five dollars. I haven't the foggiest notion.

It was gorgeous in the rain on Saturday, but a) I don't have the camera savvy to take a picture that captures its glamour, and b) it was raining, dudes! There's only so much I am willing to go through for my art.

Ominous information I feel compelled to report -- I tend to kill the beautiful plants. At the beginning of the summer this planter held this whitish silvery thing (What is it? Don't know.) and some English lavender. The ivy is, I feel, a weed and should be ignored. The silvery thing has not changed a bit. It hasn't grown; it hasn't wilted. And I have not done One. Thing. For. It. Clearly silvery plants can take this kind of treatment, but English lavender? Not so much.


  1. You know, people say you can't kill lavender but I managed to kill two plants last summer. Im going to put more in this summer and see if I can add to the collection of plants I have successfully killed.
    I even have a garden I like to call the dead garden. One day I ripped everything out that looked even slightly unhealthy and put it all in the one garden bed, it used to have trees and therefore is full of roots and I really didn't expect anything to grow in it - but hey, those plants were dying anyway so why not give them a headstart!!

    Well do you know - all those blasted plants are actually growing.....and well.

    Ill keep you posted!

  2. Maybe you could start a dead lawn/nursery service?

    (This comment comes from Carol & Nathan & Heidi - Peanut Gallery)

  3. The silver stuff is called "Dusty Miller" and it is the ONLY thing I have managed to keep alive in all my 43 years [and I live in the same area as you, so I don't think we can blame the weather. lol]

    I would love to plant my landscape with nothing but the stuff - but my neighbors, welllll....they bore easily. :)