Monday, June 8, 2009

No hurry . . . .

I've always thought that one should never plunge into home renovations without a lot of planning and research. That's why my husband and I have waited a little while before we rush into repairing this:

See, my son was up in the attic above our carport gathering camping equipment when he misplaced his footing and fell through the flimsy drywall ceiling and onto the cement floor below. As you can imagine, this caused quite the hullabaloo: My husband and I said to each other, "Huh. I wonder what that sound was?" We're both very bright, so it wasn't too long before we realized that it might be the sound of a child in imminent danger, and put down our coffee mugs.

Thank goodness our boy
didn't end up looking like the ceiling!

Well, I know you feel as I do that the sight of this gaping hole in the ceiling of our carport should be repaired quickly, for lots of reasons. First, it's obviously an unsightly eyesore. Second, there are serious safety issues any time anyone needs to go up there. Third, the potential for critters to find their way into the attic has gone way up. Fourth, doesn't that big old hole just invite thievery and burglars? And finally -- it gives me the heebiejeebies every time I look at it, thinking about my poor boy, who could have died, for Pete's sake!

So -- my husband and I have every intention of making repairs -- but we must research and collect data, and weight our options; it's very important to both of us that the repairs be done well. It also exhausts me to think about what an utter pain in the neck it will be. So I need to rest up before we start. And now that I think of it, the hole actually provides an escape route for a poor trapped kitty or confused duck. So that's good.

Hmmm? Did you ask when exactly my boy fell through the attic? Let's see . . . . He was in sixth grade, so that would make it September 2003. Like I said, there's no hurry.

I need a quirky yet whimsical, loving yet witty, blogname for each of my three children. I've thought of "Adored One" -- and then I would make my kids compete for the title on a regular basis. Kind of like Survivor, only the losers get to go on Oprah or Dr. Phil. There are flaws with this plan. Any ideas?


  1. OK, so here is what Danielle posted below:

    "Honey. That hole needs a plan immediately! Screw weighing your options and gathering data. It's time to deal with it! You'll feel better when you get it done, and no need to blog about your guilt on the issue! This will leave time to blog about necessary topics, like celebrity gossip, literature, raising warped kids, new words we found, etc.


    To which I must say: I love you, Danielle! If I felt guilty about this situation you would be so right!

  2. Hi Liz -

    Sher has a similar post about fixing a pipe on her blog at the moment.
    For my own kids' blog names, I went with Eldest, Middle, and Youngest. Not very creative, I know.

    We have a huge hole in our mudroom closet. Very similar.
    Your blog is great fun! Keep it up! what are you readng these days?
    Can I add your blog to my blogroll?

  3. As for the naming of your children in your blog. I did something so crazy. So wild. So OUT THERE. Ready? I actually call my child by HIS NAME. It's quirky in Blogland. So quirky it works :)

  4. Thanks, Maureen! I'll read Sher's post right away -- I love the way she writes.

    I just bought a fluffy book called HOLLY'S INBOX -- it's supposed to be very "Bridget Jones"-ish; I'm taking that to the beach. Right now I'm reading AMERICAN WIFE by Curtis Sittenfeld.

    Please do add me to your blogroll -- thanks so much!

  5. Hi, A.W.E. -- you're right! Using my kids' actual names that I chose for them -- how refreshingly nutty and counter-cultural! You may have given me the answer!

  6. I took down a handrail once to do some painting. It's still down, but I don't want to put it back up NOW because it's about time to paint that area again...

  7. Sing it loud and strong, Sister Fiona!