Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another snowy day -- and more on the way!

Once again, here in the southern part of northern Virginia, snow fell and blanketed everything with loveliness.

You can imagine why we love the snow so much; we live in a region of the country that rarely receives enough snow to get sick of it. During the course of a typical Virginia winter, it might snow two or three times, but never in any quantity.

Folks 'round these parts do tend to get a little freaky; if our local weather guru (Doug Hill, I sing of your glory) tells us that four or more inches of snow are headed our way, the grocery stores prepare for a stampede of panicked hoarders.

But this winter we have already lived through one Big Snow; this week it has snowed twice more in smaller amounts -- and my Doug Hill is telling me that it appears another Big Snow is on the way this weekend. Actually he used the words, "significant snow event." Doesn't that sound more official and meteorological and stuff?

I must admit that I am one of the panicky shoppers right before a storm. But while all around me are stocking up on toilet paper, milk, and enough canned soup to live through the Apocalypse, I am filling my cart with chips, Cokes, wine, popcorn, and several kinds of chocolate.

And birdseed.


  1. Great pics, as usual! Yes, I am hitting the store as well, because it is imperative that I am well stocked on diet coke if I am to be snowbound with my people for more than a couple of hours!!

  2. I love your survival list! Sounds just like what I would buy!

    Living in Michigan, we get more snow that I care for. It's pretty when it first falls. After that, meh! I'm sick of it. I'm counting the days until spring!

  3. That birdie is precious ... and probably very happy that you are in charge of the birdseed. You seem to have your weather preparedness plan in order. Anything that contains wine & chocolate - well, you're good to go.

    Carry on, Liz, carry on ... ;)

  4. We lived in Virginia, having moved there from Cleveland. I used to crack up at my neighbors, who would go into a panic and start buying canned goods before 2 inches of snow arrived. Like it was the apocalypse.

  5. "I am filling my cart with chips, Cokes, wine, popcorn, and several kinds of chocolate."

    I'm camping out at your place!

    It appears we are in for another "wintry mix" tomorrow. I am not a fan of snow because it always seems that I am out of milk, bread and toilet paper just before the storm arrives and I have to be brave and battle the bevy of buyers at the local grocer.