Thursday, February 4, 2010

How is this possible?

Look how beautiful the flowers were at the grocery store yesterday! As you know, I am all about the beautiful white winter landscape we gaze upon these days, but February does tend to make me lose sight of warm weather, and ocean breezes, and feeling the sun on my arms. That all seems too far away sometimes; these flowers do give me just the reminder I need that spring will indeed come, just when we need it.

I am always stunned at these luscious displays of gorgeousness -- right there next to the boxed wine! How do the grocers manage to provide this jolt of summer color in the middle of winter -- and keep the cost down too?

Actually, I suspect I don't want to know the answer, which will involve giant carbon footprints and flower growers in South America who are taken advantage of.

But gosh! Aren't they lovely?


  1. they are beautiful... makes me long for spring & summer... instead they are calling for 12+ inches of snow for us this weekend...

  2. I do find that the grocery store flowers tend to wilt and die more quickly, though. Still, when I can grab a bunch so inexpensively, I can live with that!

  3. I'm in Florida and I do believe they grow flowers year 'round down here. Right out in the open, naturally without chemicals. I love that last pic you posted, with all the different kinds of flowers all mixed together. Did you treat yourself to a bouquet? About a year ago, my husband asked if we could keep fresh flowers in the living room, so I buy a bouquet at the grocery store most weeks when I do my shopping. It makes me feel wealthy. :)