Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glamour Cat

So here's our ancient and elegant cat, Phantom. The husband and I have had several cat companions during our twenty-two years of marriage, but I have to say that of all of them, Phantom was the most beautiful. We said good-bye to her yesterday, which was sad, but not surprising, since she was twenty-four years old.

I know, right?

My mom took her in as a stray twenty-three years ago, and named her after the Phantom of the Opera -- because she wore a spiffy tuxedo and a strategically placed brown mask. She seemed a little spooky, too, like a glamorous ghost -- but it turned out she was just easily spooked.

We inherited her when my dad remarried, and have loved her for the past twelve years. Sweet, shy, and a little goofy like most calicos, she was always willing to be bossed around by Annie the Wonder Cat -- but I have seen her punch a passing dog in the nose, just because.

We will miss her.


  1. Your post reminds me of my cat I had years ago. I had him for 11 years and while he wasn't the most beautiful cat he was a very loving cat. He scratched everything in the house, but he never scratched me. And once he showed me his love by leaving a dead mouse on my doorstep. I stepped on this mouse when I was barefooted. As I got dead mouse crud off my toes, I didn't get mad because the gesture was an act of love. I think that I loved him so much that I might have tortured him with baths just so he can sleep under the covers with me. And when I took him to the vet, he was so afraid that he actually howled. He got beat up a lot by the other cats in the neighborhood, but as the years went by he learned to defend himself and he no longer came home limping or scratched up by the other feline bullies. My cat, Sebastian, was a stray too ... later I found out that he was my neighbors cat who wondered in my yard. I still miss him thanks for posting this because it reminded me of a pet I dearly loved.

  2. Awww Im so sorry, but wow what a great little story.