Thursday, June 30, 2011

Snapshot: One More Tall Boy

You know my own personal tall boy, and I have introduced you to my nephew the soldier as well. But my sister has another tall boy -- and he's the bomb-dot-com!

Headed to his first year at the University of Virginia this fall ("Wa-Hoo-Wah!"), he has spent the summer lifeguarding and solidifying his tan: the boy is brown as a bean! His dad is not sure why he's making that goofy face, but we're all pretty sure that this tall boy is all that and a slice of peach pie!


  1. My, the tall and handsome genes certainly run deep in your family!

  2. Another tall boy to look up to
    as my osteoporosis shaves me down.
    But I use the knowing smile that simply is
    an up-side-downer frown.

  3. YOu sure are lucky to be surrounded by handsome men.