Thursday, November 3, 2011

Snapshot: Three pretty girls and one tall boy

So the husband and I took the urchins to see Les Miserables at the Kennedy Center recently and had as swell a time as you can have while your heart is being wrenched by the poignant sadness of a story that is all about how these people are willing to die for those people, who realize too late how much these people loved them -- and then they all sing about how miserable life is now but how it will all be better when we get to heaven. And how "to love another person is to see the face of God . . ." Hang on. I need a tissue.


SHE came to see the play with us! And we were giddy with excitement, because although the tall boy clearly thinks SHE is all that, we couldn't wait to see for ourselves.

Turns out the tall boy is right.


  1. I really wanted to bring Caroline and Connor down to DC to see this, but we couldn't work out a date. Caroline has never seen it on stage, but loves the music. That is a nice looking group of young people you have there.

  2. I just love the Les Mis soundtrack, I could listen to it over and over. Im so glad that she is all that, awww young love, how sweet.

  3. Our high school did Les Mis last year. It was great, and yes, I cried.

    I love the photo, but I feel like I am back on Sesame Street, playing "One of these things is not like the others" I can't tell which one is NOT a sibling.

  4. Don't know what I'll say when my time comes...they grow up so fast...and start dating! hahaha

  5. Tall boy here; do I always look somewhat possessed when in the midst of laughing?