Wednesday, August 28, 2013

. . . because kittens!

So we are floating on a wave of happy around here because kittens!


And believe it -- objectively speaking, I could throw some weighty "woe is me" statements around,
but I can't because kittens! 

I mentioned a while ago that some heavy-duty shit has gone down amongst the family et cetera, but: kittens! 

The heavy-duty has stuck around, and it does suck sometimes to be a grownup,
 but I think I'll make it because kittens!

And the sunny girl will definitely tell you:  "Kittens!"

This even though she is contemplating her junior year of high school.  Angst!  Angst!  Oh, wait -- kittens!

So I do know everything is eventually going to be OK.  Because kittens!


  1. I am not even remotely a cat person, but OMG! Kittens! You are rich! Rich with The Cuteness! And everything has to be at least sort-of OK, right?

    You know we're going to demand a steady stream of kitten pics now, right?

    1. They really are so stinkin' cute, aren't they? They problem is that they are growing so fast. I think I have discovered how people turn into Cat Ladies with eleven cats and no sofas that a guest would want to sit on. It's because the Cat Lady was just trying to keep the kitten endorphins going.