Thursday, January 7, 2010


Before I get to work taking down the Christmas tree ornaments, I just thought I would show you what a party fest the Christmas season is for my family. We hang with a crowd that believes in putting the "merry" in Merry Christmas!

Coleen's family hosted a festive Merry Christmas brunch the day after the Big Snow stopped the entire region in its tracks. All over North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, terrified motorists abandoned their cars; meanwhile Coleen drove around our neighborhood in her bright red Jeep and picked up all her guests.

She blew right past the fabulous neighbor and his snow-blower. This girl loves a party, people!

Three generations of fabulous!

The tall boy swears that the fashion-forward teens did not call each other ahead of time to coordinate their outfits. Please note the genuine Viking helmet hanging from the ceiling.

My husband and I have thrown a Boxing Day party every year on the day after Christmas. It rocked again this year! Coleen's tall boy clearly agrees with me.

I love this woman.

Here are my three pals: Bossy, Bossier, and Quietly Insistent. I can tell they're cooking up some scheme to boss me around.

My husband bonded with his college pals while the tall boy listened to the jibber-jabber.

The littlest fabulous neighbors only had so much party in them.

Oh, my dears! Look at Coleen's shoes! I need them.

We squeezed the last ounces of glamour and fun from 2009 at a formal New Year's Eve party, hosted by these paragons of elegance.

Check out the glamorous urchins!

Every female in the room coveted this urchin's excellent coat. She almost didn't get to leave with it.

Meanwhile, the teenager glamour was so dazzling I had to put my sunglasses on.

I mean, seriously. This girl, in this dress? It doesn't get any better -- except when I tell you that both her mother and her grandmother wore the same dress when they were teenagers.

And who doesn't love to party with a priest who carries a noisemaker in his breast pocket -- during Mass?

The oldest girl got to bond with her godfather -- which is one of her favorite things about attending this party every year.

I just love the tall boy in a tuxedo.

So does the sunny girl.


  1. What can I say except that that just warmed my heart more than you can know. I marvel at the sleeveless outfits given that snow storm in the previous pictures. Seriously tough your gal pals are! May move my daughter out there in a couple of years to meet your exquisite young teens. A bunch of hotties and great families. I'd like to be related to y'all. Holly

  2. Lovin' the partying priest! These are all wonderful photos. What a happy fun loving group of neighbor's and friends!

  3. Love the French cuffs on Father "Whatawaste"! Really, the only thing missing is a cassock!

  4. this is so cool!
    I posted something for you (made from your photos)
    here - I used Picasa which is a free google download.

    Thanks friend, something for you at my mobile blog!

  5. Is Rafe wearing a color-coordinated watch fob, or is my fashion cluelessness hoodwinking me?

    Boxing Day at the Holmeses, dressing fancy at the Guinipuddles. All that and apparently the best snow since the blizzard of '78. What a year not to be in Va. for Christmas!

    -David frum Tetsus

  6. By the were the only one so far to get MYGYBO right. tee hee:)

  7. Wow wee what a Christmas, I won't show you my photos, Grandpa dribbling into his beer is not a sight to be shared.

  8. Looks like you guys had an awesome holiday!