Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poetry Slam!

Jenn's haiku theme this week:
The Road

The road in Texas
is straight, flat, never-ending.
But look at the sky!

"The Road Not Taken:"
Robert Frost spoke to my heart,
and I still wonder . . . .

My journey will lead
me to the best surprises
when I leave the road.

Photo info and credits:
"The Road Not Taken:" courtesy of
(a great blog, by the way)
"Flat Texas Road" and "Lake Lugert: Quartz Mountain, Oklahoma"
were taken on my November road trip with my sister.


  1. Really nice! The photos really made the haiku pop, too. Gorgeous :D

    P.S. How could I give up on you? We Haiku-ers stick together, Lady!

    Have a fabulous day.

  2. Absolutely lovely that haiku would warm any heart! Happy 2010!

  3. Very Inspirational! It's funny, I've seen a few Frost inspired poems this week. "Road" seems forever linked to him and the Beats.

  4. That was so good! Great pics, too.

  5. The texas road could be a road out here, dry and flat is what it is all about in Aus.

  6. There is nothing better (ok maybe a few unmentionable things) than beautiful words and pictures put together. When I construct a post with both elements...I'm just so much more proud of it. This was your best Haiku. Holly:)