Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FOXNews Spackle Report: An Update

So my fabulous national television debut went off without a hitch yesterday, when the parent panel on textbook development aired without any evidence at all that I was ever in the room. So that's good.

The urchins did have their brush with greatness, when the camera focused on their very own textbooks while the shimmering angel/fairy person talked about the "Texas textbook controversy."

The SA/FP (shimmering angel/fairy person) also put up her own blog post about the event; this screen shot represents my on-line appearance in its entirety. It's good to see that I have overcome my pesky problems with slouching.

My forehead did have a more prominent place in the piece --

-- so as it turns out, I'm pretty glad about the spackle.


  1. Darn...I missed it! It must have been at a time other than 6 pm in our area. I looked for you, I really did.

    Oh, btw, you have a very pretty forehead!

  2. I think you forehead looked FANTASTIC!! Nicely done!!

  3. The top of your head looks fantastic! I'm sorry I missed it when it aired.

  4. Can I get an autograph!?

    Nice forehead...it has made the blogging world proud!


  5. Yes, your forehead is one of perfection. And the eyes. Your hair is stunning, too. And the way the hems of your pants swing to the side. What's not to love?? I watched SAFP's video twice, thinking I missed your debut. What?! The very one we wanted to hear ...

    You need your own show now. Really. xo

  6. You are the new Go-To girl for news reporters! Read your comments in the Potomac News about the effect of the budget cuts on specialty programs. You should become a paid consultant!