Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here's what I love: old photos of old friends

This picture makes me so happy! It was taken after the 1979 Madrigal Dinner Feaste, in which I performed as part of the fabulous Woodbridge Singers. Every face in this photo brings back a happy memory -- and reminds me of the completely goofy adventures I shared with these people.

I'm the girl cracking up, at the left. I even remember what I was laughing about -- but I won't tell you!

Image credit:
Madrigal Singers: Kevin Flynn/WSHS Yearbook 1979
courtesy of Wade Corder -- Thanks, Mr. Sowerberry!


  1. Love the pic! Your such a tease, not telling us what you're laughing at!!

  2. I love that the girl cracking up is you! Adorable. Oh...and I'm not too young for Partridge Family. Although I never got the David Cassidy craze...I was all over Shaun. "I met her on a Monday and my heart stood still...da doo run run run da doo run run." I had the album...did you? Have a great day. Holly:)

  3. When I finally figured out which one was you, I said to myself - of course - the one doing a Liz-laugh!! Nice one at the Bridging over ceremony, by the way!

  4. OMG! I found Jean Guzzo in about 2 seconds. How strange is that? Loved the pic.