Monday, October 29, 2012

Bring it, Sandy!

The sunny girl and I hit our local grocery store one last time before we began to seriously hunker down and wait out Hurricane Sandy.  We were already bored and stir-crazy, and felt the need to buy those last minute emergency supplies that would help ensure that we will make it through the storm unscathed -- staples like brownie mix, potato chips, and wine.

We did notice that our fellow citizens had emptied certain key shelves . . . .

While the store still had water in gallon jugs, there is no more individually bottled water to be had.

Do you need AA batteries?  You're in luck!  Also available:  AAA, 9V,  and C batteries.  But if your flashlights and lanterns take D batteries, you are so screwed.

And as it turns out, you are also screwed if you need tortilla chips.  Apparently nachos, and chips with salsa, are necessities for sheltering in place.  Good thing the sunny girl and I snagged the very last bag of Tostitos Scoops in the store.

Because that would have been a catastrophe.


  1. Tall boy here - while other CUA denizens foolishly went to the university C-Store for supplies, I trecked up to 7-11, where there were Tostitos galore. There was much rejoicing.

  2. LOL!! We may have to make a beer run! However, we read that GOV McDonnell will not close the ABC stores! Amen to that!

  3. I'm glad to see the citizens of your state have their priorities in order. The thing that disappears first, here in Western PA, when a storm is blowing in, is toilet paper. Tostitos are definitely better.

    Love the first picture! That's what it looks like here.

  4. In my "Sandy" musings I thought of you and that recent trip you took to Rehoboth/Bethany Beach. Your timing was perfect, no? Stay dry and safe with your chips, your wine and your sunny girl.

  5. People are dead and yet you make jokes.

  6. It's good to keep your sense of humor. Stay safe! :)

  7. Stay safe, and do keep your sense of humor. Enjoy your chips!