Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Small pleasures: when two happies collide

So I read this book this past summer and just adored it.  It's like nothing I've read before.  I've been pressing it on all of my friends ever since, because it's just lovely.  The girl in charge had to be convinced to give it a try, but then proceeded to stay up all night, devouring it in one big delicious gulp.

It's that good.

So my girl and I were both so happy when we discovered that the audio version of the book has been recorded by someone we regard as an old friend. 

Jim Dale narrates all seven books of the American editions of the Harry Potter series -- and he is a chameleon-voiced treasure.  The British editions are read by Stephen Fry, a delicious treat of a different flavor -- but we are faithful to the version we have been listening to since the urchins were very small.

We have even been known to listen to books based solely on the fact that they are narrated by Jim Dale -- which is how we discovered this fabulous novel, which concerns an American acting troupe, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and some time-traveling magic!

Well, so I loved reading the book version of The Night Circus, and I love to listen to Jim Dale read anything, so throw the two together and it makes the happies explode!

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  1. I have heard SO MUCH about this book, I am going to have to read it just so I don't feel left out!