Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hellooo, Nurse!

OK, so you know how I mentioned in a previous post that I was looking for a witty yet loving name for each of my three urchins? Well, my two girls are pretty sure that they should be named after the Animaniacs, of Warner Brothers cartoon fame. Did you ever watch this? Holy merde, it has to be the Best. Cartoon. Ever.

The tall boy isn't convinced, but the real problem is that they are currently tussling amongst themselves over who gets to be Dot; in the Animaniacs world she's the only one who passes for sane -- although the value in being the sanest of three lunatical cartoon critters of indeterminate species escapes me.

Tall boy claims Dot status because it would be funny -- seeing as how she's the only girl critter, and he's my only boy urchin. My oldest girl (rightly) claims that she is neither "Wacko" or "Yacko" by nature -- unlike her siblings, so she must be Dot. Youngest girl, true to her goofy good nature, doesn't really care -- she just thinks the whole idea is hilarious.

Meanwhile we have been having just a whole lot of fun watching old Animaniacs videos. I have approximately fifteen loads of laundry giving me the stink eye, back-to-school shopping looms ever nearer, and I promised myself I would actually put my Christmas stuff away soon. But I'll get to all that -- later! Right now, I hear the sweet strains of "The Cheese Roll Call" . . . . Gotta go!


  1. i have a friend who blogs who refers to her 4 girls from oldest to youngest as Fred, Frick, Frack and Four...pretty cute! I'm going through the same task you are for my blog. I've got two boys. I was thinking of going with their ages, Seven and Eleven, but those wont last for long...Good luck!

  2. I haven't seen Animaniacs in years - is it still being made, or in re-run only?

    I went with "totally unoriginal" on my blog for my family members. My youngest daughter is "Wee One", my oldest daughter is "The Teen", and my husband is... well, the Hubbie. Yeah, not much thought went into those. Oh well

    My family doesn't really know about my blog, can you believe it? I have so much going on that this is just "one more thing" that I do and it's probably a good thing... I vent about them a lot ;)

  3. Ha! Ashleigh, I love Seven and Eleven -- and I think it would be even funnier if you called them that after their ages change!

    Jenn, my kids are still moderately enthused about my blog but only if there's nothing on TV.

  4. Hmmmm...maybe I will, Liz, and they will be forever immortalized as 7-11...Ans Jen, you're not being un-original, you're tapping into the ever popular theme of simplicity. What ever works, I guess. HAve a great day...

  5. one tomato plant already dead...think I may need some fresh potting mix!!

    Ill talk back books - you can bet your life on it!!