Monday, August 24, 2009


OK, so Staples is getting ready for school to start, and has pocket folders on sale for a penny apiece. One penny, people! If you need folders just skedaddle on over to Staples right now -- I'll wait.

So my friend Mindy clued me in to this, and asked me and the urchins to help her buy a bunch of folders that will be used when our high school hosts a big hoo-ha in the spring.

: Practice your bowing down now, before the awesomeness of Mindy, the queen of the bargain-finders.

another tangent:Please note that the EASY button does not in any way imply that Mindy is EASY, or that my urchins are EASY, or even that I am EASY.

When I asked her how many folders she thought they would need, Mindy was v-e-r-y cagey, but her answer involved me and my urchins and her and her urchins all trooping through Staples over and over and over again buying folders twenty at a time (some ridiculousness about "allowing others to take advantage of the savings.")

Well, now -- I thought this would be a fun adventure for a Sunday afternoon, but the urchins did not see it this way. You would have thought I had tied them to the rack or forced them to do Pilates. Much eye-rolling and teeth-gnashing ensued. The girls were bought off with a pretty binder and -- why?? -- a locker magnet in the form of a piggish lamb or maybe a lamb-like cow, I'm not sure. The tall boy had too much fun shooting me the evil eye to be bribed, so I left him to his pleasure.

Mindy's older urchins, by the way, refused to participate in this event -- using the fishy excuse that they are already ensconced on their college campuses six hours away. Anything to get out of a little help for Mom!

My urchins and I bought 240 pocket folders for $2.52. I feel like Ma Ingalls, making my own cheese grater or braiding hats out of weeds. Except different.


  1. I love a good bargain, and I would have done the same!!

  2. Liz -
    You CRACK ME UP!!!
    I just went through getting my specialty folders for the classes I teach - one for each of six. One year I got something stupidly trendy - Pokemon? - to keep my sense of humor, but students looked at me strange, so this year I went with the polka-dots, the Sasquatch, stripes, lattice, and squiggles. Even at Walmart this wasn't anything CLOSE to a penny a folder. My nearest Staples is unfortunately over hill and dale and I would burn up in gas money what I would save in folders. Sigh. Life in the country.
    But, of course, go Ma Ingalls!!!!