Friday, August 21, 2009

It lives!

Hey, look! My tomatoes are perking up! No, really! This is pretty darned perky compared to earlier this summer. My whining strategy seems to have worked. Maybe I'll market whining as a "green" alternative to chemical fertilizers. Watch out, Miracle-Gro!

And honestly -- my strategy truly is green -- as in, I was green with envy over my friend's lush tropical tomato paradise. Heh! -- hang on a minute while I slap my knee . . . .

OK, so we're only talking kind of perky. Ironically, up until now this was the only plant that had produced any fruit. Very, very small fruit.

But check it out! This is almost respectable! You can even see more teeny, tiny tomatoes yearning to be big, grown-up tomatoes -- and then be eaten.

And this right here is a bona fide cluster of tomatoes. Eat your heart out, Coleen!

But -- in other garden news . . . .

Things are not looking so good for the spud plant. We may be emigrating to Ireland after all. Do you think they have signs posted in shop windows: "No dogs or Americans"?


  1. Hey now, don't potato plants die once they are ready to be harvested? There is hope yet! And Im thrilled for your tomatoes, its amazing what a little whinging can do!!

  2. OMG, Polly -- do you think we might actually have a potato crop?!

    I just had a flashback memory of Laura Ingalls Wilder's FARMER BOY, when they harvested all the spuds and one exploded in Almanzo's face. That was in the late fall, as I recall . . . Maureen, my LIW go-to girl, will know!

  3. Sniffle sniffle cry. Bossy's tomatoes are a flop this year, which is a great loss considering it's her favorite food. Sniff sniff.