Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here's what I love:

Dinner with excellent friends. My husband and I had a great night, enjoying fabulous summer food (mmmm! tomatoes and fresh mozzarella . . . . ) with some of our dear ones. Much laughing and joy ensued.

And oooh! Check this out! You just think this is iced tea -- beloved beverage of all true Southerners. But you would be wrong -- this! is a Summer Hummer. Our host started listing the ingredients, but then my husband said, "Just stop. You had me at 'rum and a splash of Pimm's.'"

1 comment:

  1. Um, but *I* want the ingredients!!!! That looks very yummy.

    Re: your comment on my blog this morning => Absolutely true. Aussies need to “work” and get lots of exercise, or they will find things to do (often destructive). Probably why she went through so many homes before we found her – they did not know how to handle a working breed, and she suffered because of it. We live on 3+ acres where she can run, and she gave herself the job of protecting the kids. Actually, she’s a very loud protector of the entire house. Very. Loud. ;)