Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meanwhile, in another town . . . .

OK, so the tall boy is away for a month, attending this swingin' program, and he is having the time of his life. Even though -- dig this: NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED! You know what this means, right? NO TEXTING!

The tall boy spends his time studying in a
rigorous academic climate.

The people are very formal -- a tie is often required for social functions. My shades-wearing knucklehead is in the back, still trying to master the Windsor knot.

Love the multicultural aspects of the program . . . .
Aloha Ladies
-- who knew?

We stopped by for Family Day on Sunday, on our way back from the beach, and took care of all the necessities:

Junk food supply replenished -- check.

Ensure that he can live Coca-Cola in a Pepsi world (oh, the horror!) -- check! (three twelve-packs ought to be enough for the next two weeks, right??).

See the new Harry Potter movie
(# 1 on his list of things to do) -- check!

Gorge with food at Cheeseburger in Paradise
-- double check.

It was great to see the tall boy, because I do miss him dearly. Does he miss me? Not so much. When I say he's having the time of his life, I'm totally not kidding. He lives with a whole campus of nerdy goofs kids like him, who actually love to learn. He's taking classes like "Crusades and Jihads" and "Creating a Graphic Novel," as well as workshops on random things like swing dancing. Really! Swing dancing!

And he's very polite and all, and graciously hugged his sisters and me, but dang! -- he was so ready for us to leave. I had a foreshadowing taste of how it will feel to send this firstborn urchin off to college -- my nest feels emptier already!

Photo credits:
Virginia Governor's School for the Humanities/Christopher Newport University

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  1. He looks to be having a fabulous time! What an awesome summer program!

    I know just how you feel right about now - although I don't get to see the Teen until she comes home at the end of August, and she's a couple rather huge provinces away. No family day privs for the Sea faring cadets. I speak to her every other day though, and she's having a great time. You saw the care package I sent her a couple days ago - her grandmother is sending an even bigger one tomorrow, and I daresay she'll have a couple more as the summer progresses. I think I'd better send her an extra bag to pack things home in. She's only been gone for 2 weeks as of today, but it feels like forever, and I don't relish the thought of another 4 weeks. :(

    Bah, raising responsible, independent, smart and savvy kids is overrated when it means you have to miss them this much. Isn't it...?