Monday, July 20, 2009

One Perfect Week

Looking back on this beach reunion of people to whom I am not related, I have to say that I've rarely laughed so much. These people are hilarious -- although I've noticed that joy in someone else's company causes laughter, too. Here is a look back at our excellent beach adventure . . . .

The smoochie patriarch of this family (call him Pop-Pop, call him Uncle Bob -- just don't call him . . . . oh, sorry!) and his patient bride are the parents of this motley crew:

These six siblings are all educators of one kind or another -- although each found a different route to the same end result. Must be in the blood.

Visual tangent: these three brothers have the bluest eyes you ever saw. Mercy!

My youngest girl spent much of her time hanging out with this sweet young woman -- who either took a real shine to my urchin, or is a certified saint -- or maybe both. They are both big goofballs (a high form of praise, let me assure you).

A beauty queen vacationed with us -- wearing the most beautiful clothes . . . .

All in all we had a fabulous time at our un-family reunion. We read a lot of books -- some deep, some trashy. We ate a lot of food. I mean -- a whole lot. Jigsaw puzzles, boogie boards, games at night, the new Harry Potter movie -- we did it all. Mostly, everyone got to spend time with their favorite people in the world. It was a perfect week. And by the way --

Please look at this face
and then dare to tell me that angels don't exist.

Photo credits: Bob Kline


  1. I love it! I had no idea you had your own blog! I am your newest fan.


  2. Thanks, Maria! Come back any time!

  3. Liz -
    I finally saw you! To the right of the guy in the purple shirt, right? Your hubby?

  4. Liz!
    We absolutely loved your "One Perfect Week" = what a masterpiece! I know you know all about creating masterpieces though = delish chocolate pie!!! (I still stare at my perfect picture of that pie that Molly was so kind to take for me.) Thank you to you and your family for making the Sandbridge Reunions so special for everyone year to year.
    Love, Marcy & Family
    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment about Sydney too!

  5. Hi Liz:

    What a great description and photos of the week of fun and great people that is the Sandbridge annual reunion! You and your family add so much to that week that we can't imagine it without you!

    BTW, shortly after the reunion, I sent you an email about the puzzle books. I think it may have gotten caught up in your spam filter. Just let me know if you want me to send it again. My email is

    XOXO- Doug