Saturday, September 19, 2009

Footwear Fashion Makeover

Last February I found these gorgeous boots, and I bought them immediately because I am a member of Bossy's Poverty Party, and thus I am very frugal. That very day, because God apparently loves the frugal, I fell down the stairs and got another style of boot:

I got to wear this bad boy for, oh, about twelve weeks and three and one fourth days, if I had to give you a rough estimate. The time just flew by! My doctor also gave me the excellent news that I have a genetic blah-blah, which causes the bones in my blah to blah-blah: to sum up I am a foot mutant, and will probably break my foot again which will require surgery, and by the way, about wearing all those glamour shoes in my closet? Not so much. I paraphrase.

Not that I have much opportunity for glamour shoes, but it's nice to dream, and there has never been a day so bad that a kicky little pair of red pumps didn't make it seem just a small bit brighter. I wear these while I'm gardening.

Well, last week I defied the medical skeptics and (dramatic pause) wore the new boots! So far I have lived through the ordeal. The praise for my footwear was epic at the middle school back-to-school night, let me tell you. [Like my oldest girl's toes?]

I just love these boots!


  1. You have lost your mind! What do you think you are doing! Who puts a picture of red strappy pumps on a blog that anyone can access!!! Don't you know that when I was much younger I had 3 inch heels in EVERY color (red, blue, white, pink, turquoise, etc)? And do you know that now have only two and they are (sob)- black and beige? Do you know that probably tomorrow I am going to go and buy a pair of red pumps? And having no occasion to actually wear them, I will slip into a depression that will only be cured by purchasing more shoes - a vicious cycle!!! You are the devil!
    ~anonymous and envious neighbor!

  2. Having seen both boots on you I definitely see why you love the cowboy boots. They did look spiffy that night.Certainly these boots will give you enough support that you will be able to slip on those red pumps on occasion and live to blog about it.

  3. Totally took me by surprise with the second boot! The cowboy boots are much better! I had the same luck a couple of years ago with my cowboy boots...half good to resist. they will last wear them well!