Friday, September 11, 2009

I could be a cougar . . . .

Let's be honest -- there are aspects of Demi Moore's life is an aspect of Demi Moore's life that has great appeal. Not the twittering -- I'm not feeling the twitter love, although I should never say never. But the fabulous body, the smokin' boy-toy: this doesn't appear to suck. So, yeah -- I could be a cougar.

What stands in my way (other than my vague moral misgivings, the small detail of an age-appropriate husband, and the non-existence of any sort of line forming at my door) is the thought of how much work it would be. The whole idea wears me out. I just don't have the energy, boys.

And there is a danger that instead of this . . .

. . . my experience would be this:


  1. The National Single Cougars Convention, the first of its kind, was held recently in Palo Alto, CA. Ful story from SJ Mercury News at