Monday, September 28, 2009


Oh, pipe down -- I know it's not October yet. Apparently the Germans love Oktoberfest so much you're allowed to celebrate it early. Or it officially starts early. Or my party hosts couldn't read the calendar. Whatever.

It wouldn't be Oktoberfest unless we enjoyed some brats along with sauer kraut and potato salad. Did you know that it is illegal to serve any sort of green vegetable at an Oktoberfest party? Totally against the law.

You are allowed to serve wine, though. Ask me to tell you about Oktoberfest monkey wine some time. It's a scary story -- maybe for Halloween.

But as you have probably gathered, we all just really like each other, and are glad of any excuse to get together. The fabulous neighbor told a ridiculous story, and since he's from New York he is completely incapable of talking without acting out the drama . . .

. . . even with a broken thumb.

I missed the punch line, but it must have been a humdinger.


  1. I don't think I actually have any German heritage, but we discovered an AMAZING German deli near us and have consumed untold numbers of fat grams in bratworst. So Yummy! My guess is we will be calling it Octoberfest for the entire year now!! Once again I'm with you sista:) Fun post. Holly at

  2. My FIL is off-the-boat German. We dig the brats and beer.

  3. A brat and beer sounds really good right now. I don't care if it's still September, I'm ready to celebrate! Great pics!

  4. Ha Ha!! I'm laughing even though I didn't get the punchline either. The motion photography was great . . feels like I was actually there!

    I'm going to sign up to follow you, 'cos I love to laugh and I've had a good laugh with you this morning.

    Pop over to visit my blog when you have a moment and follow me too if you like what you see.

    Will be back . . !hasta luego!

  5. Thanks for the invite to check out your blog. I think I'll hang out for awhile, if you don't mind!

  6. Hey Liz! Thanks for stopping by this morning! Your blog is always a treat. You have such a great family and group of friends!

    Oy. My blog ... maybe fall will bring some blogging inspiration? It's gorgeous here in Tulsa! Just no enthusiasm to blog lately - life is a lot for me to handle many days.

    Good Buddy is doing well. New job - 3 days a week (which is fine b/c it's 2 hours of driving for me to take him to/from work!). Life is rolling along. He bikes everywhere else so the beautiful weather is especially great for him.

    Take care!

  7. Brats and Guinness-Gaelic For Genius. We have our
    Octoberfest in the middle of the month. Can't wait. Thanks Kathy

  8. Mmmmm beer and sausages, not only a great German tradition but a great Aussie one too. Now to excavate this child so I can have a beer!!!