Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jolie Blonde's big day

So Coleen's oldest girl, Jolie Blonde, has been begging to get her ears pierced since she was about fourteen weeks old. I'm telling you -- there was never a girl who was in more of a hurry to grow up. Mostly this has shown itself in her mature outlook on life and her fabulosity as a BFF to my youngest girl. Also in her refusal to wear ruffles.

Jolie Blonde: 2nd grade

But Coleen has had years of experience watching out for the sneaky use of eyeliner and mascara (second grade), the intense need for blue-streaked hair (fifth grade) and the "I'll die if it doesn't happen" passion for dangly earrings (lifetime achievement award).

Well, Friday was the day she got those ears pierced, because (pause for wipe of bittersweet tear) she's thirteen now. The youngest urchin and I went along for the adventure -- we headed to Pincurls, owned by the fabulous Lynda Lee, and gathered with bated breath to watch the drama.

First, Lynda marked the perfect spot with a special pen which I suspect was just a Sharpie with a hifalutin' label. The heart-faced urchin watching so intently is Coleen's youngest girl -- my god-daughter!

Next, Lynda prepared the instrument of torture weapon cute little non-threatening ear piercing thingie.

Nope! Doesn't look like a gun at all, does it?

At the moment of truth, Lynda said some serious and slightly scary stuff like, "Don't move a muscle even if it hurts like a big dog, because if you do your ear will get stuck to the gun and then you'll have to wear it instead of an earring forever, and you'll get kicked out of school for bringing a weapon, and I'll have to charge you extra for the gun/earring." Or something like that. Actually it was over in a flash -- and now her dream has come true! She's way easier to shop for now, too.



  1. Tugs at my heart, because my Hannah is almost 12 and I know this is right around the corner for us too. Why does it feel like such a milestone? I remember having it done when I was 12 and it was no big deal. I wonder what my mom felt like? Your daughter is beautiful and lucky to have such a great mom. Thanks for sharing this moment with all of us at blogland:) Holly at

  2. Liz,
    First of all, thanks for stopping by "my place!" Secondly I had to come check you out. And, finally I love, love, love your blog and this story. Although it fast forwards me into my future...,daughter is only 2! Oh the things I have to look forward to! I'll be back for more!
    Holly @

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I actually said (out loud) "Finally someone else who gets the HeeHaw reference!"

    CSI Miamai - Bwahahaha

    Did you ever see Castle? It could be a contender, too.

  4. Oh I remember going to get my ears pierced it was momentous because I was supposed to wait til I was 18 but mum gave in when I was 15. Such an exciting time of life!!

  5. Brings me back to when I was twelve and my Dad let me get my ears pierced. I was excited beyond excited so I can just imagine Jolie Blonde's delight . . no, don't have to imagine, there it is, that big old grin spread right across her face!

    Happy belated to Jolie and loving that sweatshirt!!