Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apparently I can eliminate '70s disco queen from my list of career options.

It's not for me. And here's how I know (even though in the shower I sounded a-w-e-s-o-m-e singing "Super Trouper." I'm so serious.) --

It's the shoes. They are a complete, red, glittery deal-breaker for someone who made it through the swingin' party without injury (I even danced in those things, people!), only to break my toe Monday morning during the high-risk "breakfast for the kids" maneuver. Not kidding -- I heard it snap and it's purple.

. . . . and it's the false eyelashes, which felt a little bit like I was just s-o-o-o sleepy I couldn't keep my eyes open.

tangent: As it turns out, Coleen and I were fully clothed when this picture was taken by the fabulous neighbor.

And it's a little bit about the fact that I am poochy in places that "70s disco queens" are not poochy. Hello, peri-menopause, you bitch. Love the jello shots, though!

Other people at the party were very clever with the costume ideas . . .

A cougar and a cougar hunter. She runs triathlons on a regular basis -- AND competes in Irish dance competitions all over the mid-Atlantic region. In case you weren't feeling inadequate.

"Clever" points for the Upper and Lower G.I. Get it?

We did get extra credit for showing up as a group in all our glamour -- it's hard to deny.

I just don't think I'm cut out to be a dancing queen, no matter how many times Meryl Streep begs me.


  1. I think you make a great disco queen! The blue eye shadow totally rocks!

    Sorry to hear about your toe. Been there, done that and it hurts!

  2. Love the costume! You were hawt! Your friends had great ideas, too.

    Sorry about your toe, as well. I broke 2 over the summer in a cooking accident.

  3. Omgosh! You're awesome ... shiny peacock spandex awesome! Yeah, I hear you on the boots. I slipped on some "sexy" heels tonight to go to Pioneer Woman's cookbook signing in Tulsa. Classy yet fun. Brown with pink trim / straps. Love 'em. Had to dust them off - rarely worn any more. For good reason.

    Because ...

    I fell like a freakin' tree. Timmmmmber! In the parking lot. Total wipe out. It really wasn't the heels. My eyesight is waning and my glasses were in useful position. On top of my head.

    Yeah. I stopped traffic. For all the wrong reasons. Guess our toes will be healing at the same time ;)

  4. So sorry about the toe!! I chronically break mine, typically in late spring--it's crazy.

    And I'm mildly freaked out--that second picture, right below the shoes? That so could have been taken in my bathroom--which has the exact same window surrounded by the exact same colors--it did a double take when I saw it!

  5. I broke my toe when I fell out of bed one morning. I was pregnant at the time so my center of balance was off!

    Regardless...you guys were rocking! I think my favorite has to be the upper and lower GI! Love it!

  6. Sorry about your toe, ouch...Hope it feels better soon

    Love the costumes...especially the cougar and the cougar hunter, lol

  7. Love it, Liz!!! How great....Still being inspired by Meryl Streep, I see.

  8. Terrific and so fun! I haven't been to a costume party since college. Just a few years ago...wink, wink:) Love that you had a whole gang in on it. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  9. Haha, I love the shoes! I would wear them. Sorry about your toe. Breaking anything hurts!!

  10. Oh no, hope that your toe heals up quickly. The costumes are fabulous, just can't get enough of that fabulous blue shadow!!