Friday, October 23, 2009

Snapshot: Glamour Girls

Coleen and I (along with our true pal, Sheri) went to the United Kingdom back in 2001, and had just the best time ever!

And really, after touring Cardiff Castle, getting chased by peacocks (don't ask), and buying an authentic Viking helmet in a junk shop antique store, everyone should go back to a lighthouse, and relax on a waterbed -- with a freshly-made spinach and cucumber masque that they got for free because the fabulous LUSH store had to pitch all of its fresh products at the end of the day.

Don't you think?


  1. Yep! A couple of real beauty queens!

  2. We have LUSH! I love the bath balls.

    You two look so relaxed. I want a real vacation, but all this real estate shopping is expensive.

    I hope we find something soon!

  3. I just love the UK. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday, and free lush products - thats pure luck!

  4. I remember touring Edinburgh castle in Scotland - some of the interior doors were sooo tiny. Scotch & shortbread on every tour. Mornin' was always a delight ... Glenlivet hangover, facing a plate of pickled herring, blood sausage, and greasy potato pancakes! Hmmmm ;)

    The facials are awesome. Good times!