Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cul-de-sac kickball

The urchins who live on our cul-de-sac range in age from seventeen to three; we have mostly girls with a few boys thrown in to spice things up -- and they are all up for a swell kickball game.

Home plate is the fabulous neighbors' driveway. This is the youngest fabulous neighbor -- rocking the cowboy boots, and ready to kick . . . some . . . kickball! First base is our mailbox, second is a manhole cover and third is usually the fabulous neighbors' pickup truck. The pickup often serves double duty as the bleachers.

Here's the fierce pitcher -- check out her scary, take-no-prisoners game face. Footwear for the serious kickball player is clearly based on individual preference. I think the pitcher likes the combination of support and height these flip-flops provide.

I have no action photos (the glamourous iPhone camera is not so much about the sports photography) but I do have a lovely collection of goofballs. Street sisters here.

The small boy is completely uninterested in having his picture taken, because dude! -- it's his turn to kick!

And while my youngest girl shows off her best Top Model moves, the commando behind her proceeds to steal third base. Hey, man -- it's kickball. A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.

My oldest girl, making sure that all rules are strictly obeyed. The funny thing about the cul-de-sac kickball is that there really are very specific and well-understood rules that nobody fusses about -- and these rules are so obscure, esoteric and intricate that they make my head hurt.

But it seems pretty clear that for at least some players, it's more about the glamour than the kickball.


  1. What a beautiful place you live in! Great shots of the kids. Always wanted to grow up on a street like that. We lived in the geriatric neighborhood. You are right about kid's rules for games being impossible to understand. Only they can keep them straight. The most impossible game here is 2 square. It was so simple when we were kids. Funny stuff. Have a great weekend. Holly at

  2. What fun photos! I have always wanted to live on a cul-de-sac so the kids cam ride bikes and run around...such a nice little community. Whenever play a game (like handball or kickball) with my son, he makes up new rules as we frustrating.

    Holly @ 504 Main

  3. P.S. There is something for you on my blog.


  4. Haha, love the "model" pictures. I'm the same Very cute.=]

  5. I wish our neighborhood were like yours! I can't believe you took those pictures with your phone. My phone takes lousy pictures!

  6. Love it! Kickball was meant to be played in flip-flops because don't you know if one goes flying it serves as a distraction and you can easily get to second base.
    I am jealous of the cul-de-sac situation! Makes for lots of fun times!

    Thanks for the follow and comment love!

    MJ of Dirty Little Confessions

  7. I love your neighborhood! When can I move in?

  8. Just read your profile. Good god, woman, we ARE the same person.

  9. How fun! Love that last photo with the little cowpoke in the background. He's holding his own with the big kids, isn't he??

    When I was a child, the neighborhood gang often ended up in our backyard. We weren't cool - we just had the ultimate sandbox, swing set and tree house! Those are the best memories ... except tree house casualties < gulp >.

  10. I wish we lived in a more urban place - there are no other kids around us to do fun stuff like that with. We're moving next year and hopefully we'll find a great street full of great kids.

    I have an award to share with you - come see me!

  11. Reminds me of my childhood growing up in a culdesac and all the kids to play with. We have no kids nearby now and Im sad that Ollie may miss out on that. Perhaps if we move to our dream house this may sort itself out lol!!