Thursday, October 15, 2009

New and Sassy

So I've been looking for a new 'do . . .

. . . because last summer Coleen and I saw Mamma Mia and decided to channel our inner Meryl Streep by growing our hair long. We didn't take into consideration that to get this carefree, "I don't care about my lovely, lovely tresses" look . . . .

. . . a whole lot of time-consuming, "these curlers hurt my teeth" nonsense would have to take place. And I can't speak for Coleen, but I personally spent a lot of time striving for a Streepian vibe . . .

. . . but I turned up in too many photos looking a lot like these ladies, who I am sure are very nice people -- but have mercy with the hair. When I didn't look like a polygamist, . . .

. . . I trended toward a Michelle Duggar look, which seems to work well for her (it clearly works really, really well for her husband). But I don't want nineteen children, my people, so this hair style is not for me.

So I went to see the fabulous Lynda Lee, and check it out! Now I have a sassy 'do that is easy and fun -- Coleen will just have to be Meryl Streep all by herself.

Image Credits:
Meryl Streep: Peter Mountain
Polygamous wives: Wendy Gragg/
Waco Tribune, 2008
Michelle Duggar: Scott Enlow/TLC


  1. Thanks for posting the pic - it saved me a trip all the way across the lawn to see for myself. I love it - it looks great! And you can always continue to channel Meryl if you learn to do one of those splits she did while jumping on the bed - although with your history of leg injuries, maybe not.
    ~anonymous neighbor~

  2. Liz! You are a sassy thing! Looking good! I'm going to grow my bangs out so who knows what my hair will look like next!

  3. Look at you!!! Super cute haircut - although, hmmm there is something about that Duggar look.

    MJ of Dirty Little Confessions

  4. Oh my gosh, Liz! You are so funny! All those pics are a riot. I am always in some sort of hair transition. Hair stlyes are a lot like life, sometimes you have to go through tough times to appreciate the good times. There's nithing quite like a "good hair" day! Enjoy!

  5. I just did the box hair color thing ... hmmm mmm. oh yes I did. $7. And I cut my very long bangs months ago but they are already growing out, which is fine. Sometimes my long bangs with reverse bob look gets a bit blah but it works for me. I don't have good ears to tuck my bangs behind though - drats!

    We are very cool, aren't we Liz? Fabooo, dah-link.

  6. oh and could my face be any shinier (that is a word, isn't it?) in my profile pic? I don't know what that's about but my hair was done and I was sportin' lipstick and all that ... so that's my profile pic. Take it or leave it. :p

  7. It looks fantastic, I love a new do, its a quick way to feel wonderful isn't it.

  8. How could you pass up the Duggar look? You look fantastic! I love seeing what everyone looks like.
    Holly @ 504 Main

  9. Liz - Lookin' good, girlfriend!

  10. Great hair! How did you manage to get rid of bangs? I don't know about everyone else, but the bangs I had in 6th grade won't go away. I grow them out and they just keep coming back. (Take a hint, bangs, you're out. Bare foreheads are in.)

  11. I want your hair! I can't carry off anything stylish. I usually pull mine back with a clip (because it's fast), but when it was longer I was starting to look polygamist-ish.

  12. Your hair looks great! So much better than Michelle Duggar.

  13. Hi Liz! I don't have your email address - so I'm leaving a comment here. We drew your name for the last beaded card!! Send me a mailing address when you have time. Have a wonderful week! karen

  14. Hey dear, stop by my site, I left something for you!
    Dirty Little Confessions

  15. Oh my gosh. So scared there for a moment I thought the picture of Michelle was you?! I started screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! at my computer. Very relieved to see how totally hot you look in the final pic. Really terrific! Love the highlights too! Have a great day,
    Holly at