Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things that make my day

Check these out! --

New red shoes!
How can I keep from singing when I'm rockin' the fun red loafers? I mean to say -- gosh!

A new red washing machine!
And how sad is it that a washing machine can make my day? In my defense let me say that:

1) Our washer blew up while the tall boy was in the hospital. Under normal circumstances I would have been all angsty about a new washer purchase less than a year before a college tuition bill kicks us in the head, but that "removing part of my little boy's lung" scenario kind of used up all of my angst for this month.

2) As much as I have enjoyed spending time at the Spin Cycle (get it? <-- catchy laundromat humor?) with the Telemundo ladies, the whole "load all of the family's laundry into the back of the minivan and haul it across town and spend forty bucks in quarters to wash it and dry it AND not get to watch All My Children in English" gig was getting a little old.

3) This washer is red, people!

This bright and cheerful gift from MJ!

It never fails to lift my spirits to receive such a treat! MJ is as nice as pie -- and I really, really like pie. Check back here later today, to see who else is a pie-like friend!


  1. Loving your new washing machine! When ours went kaput I wanted that same model. they came to deliver it and guess what? It wouldn't fit in the laundry room! I cried when we had to return it.

    Congrats on the nice new blog badge. It's really pretty. I'm going to do as you suggest and check MJ out.

  2. I totally understand getting excited about a new washer. When our last model started leaking like crazy, we went shopping for a new one. I had planned on getting only the washer, but ended up with a new washer and dryer. They are black and I love them!!

  3. Again with the shoes - I thought we talked about this!!!
    ~Anonyous neighbor~

  4. I love your shoes and your washer. My mom told me that when she was in her 20s in the 1940s, wearing red shoes was the ultimate. She had a pair of red platform ankle-strap heels with a bow. Rawr!

  5. Oh my gosh...I want the washer. Who could be sad doing laundry in that thing?! Awesome. The shoes are too cute too. I'm a huge red fan! Thanks for the fun post. Cheers, Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  6. I am all about red. A red washer? That is too much!

  7. Very cute shoes, I love loafers and red ones are the ultimate color.

    Red washing machine is my dream. When I bought ours last year they didn't have any red ones. I was bumped out.

  8. Congrats on the award!

    I LOVE red. Love the washer...I want the orange one (if they still make orange)...how sad that I hope my washer takes a dump...the things that excite me...

  9. When my washing machine broke down hubby knew we just wouldn't have ANY clean clothes unless a new one was installed. One day later it was there but not half as sassy as the one you have there. Maybe I can sabotage the one I have and then get one like yours? Only kidding . . even I'm not THAT bad!!!

    Loving the shoes, they rock!!!!!

  10. Thanks, ladies for all your red shoe and washer love! I can hardly wait to get the dryer -- but I do have to save the pennies!

    My dream is actually a Coca-Cola themed laundry room -- what do you think?