Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Silly Haiku Wednesday

It's time for another poetry slam -- and this week Jenn's theme is very timely: SEASONS.

Leaves change and my heart
sinks a tiny little bit.
I don't like the fall.

Nothing makes my day
Like these happy, happy words:
"Schools closed due to snow!"

As the weather warms,
I hope (knowing better) that
I can make things grow.

Summer! Now there's a
season I can get behind!
Give me sun and heat!


  1. A year in haiku! Loving the summer photo, too! Great job.

  2. Yeah for summer! I'll hang on to those warm thoughts. I'm freezing over here.

  3. Awww... Fall's my favourite season. I wither in Winter. Just remember that it needs to get chilly to be able to get warm again. Happens in tropical climates too! :)

  4. Great the haiku. I too love Fall. I love Halloween, pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving, my daughter's b-day, pumpkin and spice flavored everything, breaking out the spicey candles too, hot coffee instead of iced, costumes, CANDY, changing colors, wind blowing, soccer season. Hmmmm...did I convince you yet?

  5. I like those, especially the one about making things grow...i only make things (plants and flowers to be exact) die

  6. Loving the haiki...I hate fall too...It means winter will be here soon...It's no haiku, but it's the best that I could do. ;-)

  7. Our favorite part of fall is that very tree. It changes to the most brilliant yellow before dropping every leaf to the ground almost at once.

  8. I'm sad you don't like's my 2nd favorite season LOL Great haikus tho!!!

  9. You are a Haiku machine!

    Fall, nope, not for me. I'll take endless spring and summer, thank you. I just told my mom (who adores fall) that it signifies death. Death of warm weather, death of trees, flowers and the lovely green grass. She disagreed, I wasn't surprised.

  10. I'm late! I'm late! Sorry about that, I was out of town yesterday.

    Great haikus, as always - I think you're the only one who ever does them in multiples as a rule ;) Goes to show how dedicated and creative you are!

  11. > "I don't like the fall."

    Seriously? Goes to show how long you can know someone and still be unaware of some of their darkest secrets! How can you have lost those memories of irrepressible excitement at the thought of a new school year, new subjects, new textbooks and teachers, not to mention the crisp mornings and the relief they bring from the sweltering DC summers?